My Story

My Story

In July of 2000, I found myself sitting on the steps of Grand Central Station in midtown Manhattan. I was air drying the pages of my thoroughly drenched architecture portfolio, the result of a water bottle explosion in my handbag.  Fortunately I'd had the presence of mind to laminate all the pages, a particularly timely blessing, given that I was en route to my first job interview as a graduate architect.  A healthy measure of luck, a steely reserve and my lifelong desire to work in New York, propelled me to the Soho-end of Broadway that day. I spent the next few months working for some of the best in the business. Against the backdrop of the Manhattan skyline, my love for design, innovation and big cities was fuelled.

After returning to Cape Town, I spent the next decade working as an architect in a boutique residential practice in my home town before moving to London, a base from which I also travelled the globe. In 2009, life took me to Australia where I continued to practise as a project architect in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs.

Somewhere around the New York years, I also began to develop my writing and photography, both of which have developed into careers of their own. My journalism features regular contributions to a number of premium design publications and trend agencies including Wallpaper, DQ and Frame magazine and my copywriting skills are leveraged by designers, developers and creative agencies. My photography has been published globally in a number of lifestyle and travel titles.

In 2009, I established STUDIO e* as a framework for my architecture, writing and photography and in 2012 I co-founded Castle + Beatty, an architecture and interiors photography business with an editorial edge. 

I now reside in New York City. 

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